5 Stages of Sleep Explained

You might not be aware of how your sleep routine goes, but the way how you sleep can make a real difference to your life. There are five critical stages of sleep that you have to get into every night. These are organized based on the first stage you will come across up to the last, although these stages can repeat themselves many times over during the evening.

Stage 1: Drowsy 

The first stage of sleep involves your brain producing alpha and theta waves. This part often starts a few minutes after you first get to sleep. You are slightly alert, but you are starting to get into a sleep pattern. 

Stage 2: Light Sleep

Stage 2 involves the patterns in your alpha and theta waves changing. The waves will start to shift around, but the brainwaves will eventually slow down. Although it is harder for you to wake up at this juncture, you will still have an easy time with getting out of sleep at this point. 


Stage 3: Moderate Sleep 

Your brain will start to produce delta waves at this juncture. These waves are associated with the deepest stages of sleep. Your muscles will not be active, nor will your eyes move around. It will be harder for a person to attempt to wake you up when you get to this point in your sleep cycle. 

Stage 4: Deep Sleep 

You will move to an even deeper stage of sleep as you get into Stage 4. The delta waves become slower and closer towards one another. This is the hardest stage for you to wake out of. During the delta wave stage, your body’s muscles and tissues will be fully restored. Your immune system will also repair itself as you get the energy you need for the next day forward. 

Stage 5: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) 

REM or Rapid Eye Movement is the last stage to see. This comes about around 90 to 120 minutes after you get to sleep. The REM stage should last for about an hour on average. At this point, you should start to dream a little harder as your eyes move more albeit with. 

The REM stage is also where your brain moves information from the previous day around. The data will be easier to process so you can keep it in your short-term memory without struggles over trying to keep the things you have come across managed right. 

At this point, you should get back to the second stage of sleep. You would then move back to the REM stage after a bit. You can expect to go through the stages of sleep a few times during the evening. It should be easier for you to feel restored and comfortable. 

These five stages of sleep are points that you have to go through when you’re aiming to get the sleep you demand. You must ensure you get through all of these sleep cycles so it becomes easier for you to get the rest you need so you can get through the day.